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Berry-licious Hemp Smoothie

The New Year brings promises for personal growth and positive change. From lifestyle to professional and relationship to financial goals, our beginning of the year hopes, dreams and aspirations are plentiful.

Some of these goals will quickly fade, but others will make their mark on our daily lives. The changes that typically last are the ones that are easy to incorporate into the day to day, because they are simple and specific instead of vague and broad.


The Art of Upcycle: Coconut Oil Containers Find a New Life Capturing Rainwater

At Nutiva, we launched a zero waste campaign to help us find greener ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle the waste created in our supply chain. We donate byproduct from our manufacturing process to farms for animal feed, compost kitchen scraps, sell cardboard bulk boxes, and donate used oil for biofuel. Most recently, we found a reuse option for the large containers that our coconut oil is shipped in.


8 Holiday Dessert Recipes Inspired by the Superfood Coconut

We are so excited to share with you, “8 Holiday Dessert Recipes Inspired by the Superfood Coconut.” The holiday season is a time to come together with family, friends and neighbors to unwind, unplug and be grateful for the little things. For us, the little things happen to be Old-Fashioned Donuts with Cranberry-Chia Glaze and Coconut […]


DIY Vanilla Cinnamon Latte Body Scrub made with Coconut Oil & Coconut Sugar

This invigorating body scrub is made from items you can find in your own kitchen: coconut oil, coconut sugar, and coffee. The trouble with many store bought beauty products is that they contain toxic ingredients.


The Ultimate Holiday Pie Guide

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to break out the winter wardrobe! The holiday season approaches so quickly, and it seems that there is never enough time for all the shopping, decorating, and baking that comes along with it. Often times, searching for the perfect pie recipe can feel like a daunting task. How do […]


Why “Waste” Resources?

A Look at Nutiva’s Zero Waste Initiative
By Gretchen Grani

Early this year we launched an initiative to become a Zero Waste Facility. Such goals challenge the prevailing practices of corporations, whose landfill trash typically includes 47% reusable material. The largest portion of this reusable waste is compostable and comes from food scraps, yard clippings, and manufacturing byproducts, while the remainder is in the form of cardboard, paper and lumber.

In an internal trash audit at Nutiva’s headquarters and manufacturing facility, we found opportunities to innovate and improve our disposal procedures. We began with shifting perspectives to view waste as misplaced resources and a potential revenue source. We also educated employees about their role in the solution and restructured office and production systems to reduce waste.