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Cracking the “Big Food” Brick Wall

Some of the biggest news in the food industry this year was the moment of General Mills (GM) converting Cheerios to a non-GMO cereal. In January, GM announced that it would halt the use of genetically modified ingredients in original yellow-box Cheerios. This cultural milestone signals not only the swelling consumer exodus from industrial GMO foods, but also the rise of the use of social media by foodies to change the conversation.


Why Monsanto Will Never Rule the Food World

The issue of how we grow and process our food, while it’s always been important, is now a hot topic both at the kitchen table and on Wall Street. From the recent scandal about a chemical used in yoga mats being found in Subway bread to the rising awareness of GMOs and demands to label their presence in foods, the public is fast awakening to the need for safe, whole, natural nourishment.


On the Road with John Roulac

At Nutiva, we strive to bring you pure, healthy foods that are nourishing for you and your family. We think that the daily choices we make about food are connected to larger issues and that we all have the opportunity to positively impact our community and the environment. We believe in food transparency, sustainability, food […]