Our Community

1% of Sales for Sustainable AgricultureWe dream of sustainable food systems that nourish people and the planet. For us, seeking and discovering and bringing to you the world’s most nutritious superfoods—nutrient-dense powerhouses that can be grown and processed sustainably—is not enough to realize our goals.

Our founder, John Roulac, believes that corporations can lead the world in positive change and, in fact, have a responsibility to do so. Believing deeply in social responsibility and corporate giving, he launched the 1% Program that donates 1% of Nutiva’s sales (not profits, sales!) each year to programs that support the advancement of healthy communities and ecologically sustainable agriculture.
Since 1999, we have donated over $4 million to these programs.
But that’s not enough, for us.
To assist us in achieving our dreams, we’ve also established the Nutiva Foundation. You can learn more about all the programs we participate in or find out how to apply for a grant by visiting the Foundation’s web site at
Nutiva Tribal Photo 2013