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There is something fundamentally ironic about offering highly nutrient- rich foods grown with toxins.

Did you know that conventional hemp is grown with chemical fertilizer and sometimes synthetic herbicides?  So we ask the question, how would you prefer to ingest your daily hemp foods – grown with or without toxins?

Hemp, like corn, requires nitrogen-rich soils.  Chemical fertilizers are a much cheaper substitute than the natural way: rotation with a green, nitrogen-fixing crop.  So be sure to look for certified-organic hemp food that supports the health of our planet.

Nutiva is committed to moving beyond unsustainable food-industry practices to support the long-term well-being of humanity as a whole.


Using artificial nitrogen fertilizer to turn oil or gas into food is fundamentally unsustainable. Organic farming extracts nitrogen from the air using the sun’s renewable energy to power plants such as clover … Far fewer greenhouse gases are released.”
— Excerpt from a 7-29-08 letter to the editor of the UK Financial Times by Peter Melchett of the Soil Association (the UK’s leading organic certifier)