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Nutiva CEO John Roulac Visits The Phillipines, Source of Our Coconut Oil

Nutiva CEO John Roulac just returned from a trip to the Phillipines, the source of our popular coconut oil. In the photo below, John is visiting a small coconut farmer group which Nutiva sponsors as part of our 1% donations program.

Also shown is John at small-scale coconut  nursery in Mindanao, Philippines.  This is part of Nutiva’s goal of planting 100,000 coconut palms by 2015.




  1. Wendy Macdonald says:

    Can you tell me more about where the land needed to plant these 100, 000 will come from? Are you clearing wildlife habitat?
    I’ve been purchasing hemp oil from you guys for a few years and mst recently, hemp protein but this demand for coconut has me a bit worried about moral compromise in the face of big profit…as we know, no one seems to be exempt from the demon greed. Helping support local farmers can be very helpful and it can cause lots of problems.
    I’d love to hear from you!
    Wendy Macdonald
    Randolph New Hampshire

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Wendy! We are sponsoring the planting of coconut seedlings for small farmers in the Philippines as a way to provide farmers with an additional income. Absolutely no wildlife habitat will be cleared. Thanks!

  2. Where are the factories that produce the coconuts into your coconut products? Is it here in the USA or in the Philippines? SO nice to here that John Roulac visited!!!

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